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Welcome to Lotus Spa!


Lotus Spa is an at home spa and a restorative space for the body and mind. Lotus Spa offers customers a variety of relaxing spa services in a serene setting.  

Hello, I’m Catherine!

I am an Esthetician, practicing massage practitioner for over ten years, a former Beauty Advisor, and I love to pamper. It all started with my ‘Spa-Aholic’ years in my twenties, as  every penny I earned went towards indulging in spa services across this beautiful city that I call home. Over the years, I have taken the best spa treatments and practices that I have experienced and have incorporated them into my highly personalized spa services. 


I have experience training with an RMT, where I also gained over 500 hours of practical experience. I further enhanced this training through the Esthetician Program at Versailles Academy. 


I provide customers with the same level of high-quality service and expertise that I would expect at any other spa. I continue to tweak my spa services based on the individual needs of customers, as everyone is different and I don’t believe in a “cookie cutter” experience. I believe in tailoring to customers’ individual needs and preferences, to ensure that they are fully benefiting from my spa services.  


No health insurance coverage for a massage with an RMT? No problem! One of my services, the Restorative Massage, is an affordable option for those who have little or no insurance to cover the cost of massage therapy. The Restorative Massage is an ideal alternative to massage therapy with an RMT, as it is affordable yet it still incorporates effective massage techniques such as swedish, pressure point massage, reflexology, and lymphatic drainage.  


The intention behind Lotus Spa is to provide you a peaceful, open, and friendly space in which to restore, relax, and rejuvenate from the stresses of your daily life. 


I hope you connect with me and carve time for yourself. 


With love and compassion, 





The lotus flower is a Buddhist metaphor for life. This pure and fragrant flower begins growing  in muddy water, rarely seeing the sun. This is representative of us as individuals enduring hardship. Despite the dark muddy water, the lotus continues to grow and blossom into beauty.  This represents that through determination and perseverance, we can transform our own hardships into accomplishments and beauty, even in the darkest of times. Whereas humans have the innate ability to transform our suffering into happiness through determination, self reflection, and bringing forth our inner wisdom and compassion. 

The inspiration of Lotus Spa came from a desire to help others to alleviate physical and emotional pain. This spa was brought out of my deep personal suffering of severe postpartum depression I experienced after my son was born. For 16 months, I had been hospitalized more times than I can count on one hand and I also underwent two intensive hospital day programs that dealt  with self care and reflection. After I had fully healed, I decided to go back to school and study esthetics, and I was determined to transform my past sufferings into a place of healing and compassion. 

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