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Please find a list of my spa services below, along with service rates and lengths. 

Container of face cream used for facial spa services
Person recieving a massage spa service
Woman recieving a hot stone massage spa service
Woman's nails painted with purple nail polish



Both manicures and pedicures are a 90 minute spa services, and they include a cut, file, cuticle detail, exfoliation, hot stone massage, and choice of your favourite 7-day wear Vinlyux polish.

HOT STONE MANICURE    90 min | $75.00

This treatment can be done either sitting upright or lying down on the massage bed with your eyes closed. You’ll be able to drift away while your nails get groomed. 

90 min | $85.00

This pedicure treatment addresses dry skin concerns, ingrown toenails, and a deep reflexology treatment using medical grade A Footlogix products. The treatment starts with an organic peppermint soak and foot scrub, followed by nail grooming as you lie down and relax on the massage bed. This treatment is topped off with a Hot Stone massage, and organic peppermint mask to further detox. Sleeping is optional. YES, we're the only lie-down pedicure spa in town!




The Restorative Massage is the best of both worlds: therapy and relaxation wrapped into one. The Restorative Massage is a customized massage intended to alleviate sore muscles and relax your mind as you slip into the soft heated layers of the massage bed.


This is an ideal choice for someone who has little or no insurance and is looking to relieve sore muscles using a combination of Swedish massage, Thai massage, Reflexology, and Deep Tissue massage. 


Please note that sexual harassment will not be tolerated. This is a sacred place of healing and restorative therapy.


Have you always wanted to take a nap after your massage? Well now you can!  For the 120 minute massage, you have the option to nap for 20 minutes after the massage. Just mention it when you book. 


  • Improve circulation

  • Relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress 

  • Decrease digestive issues

  • Alleviate chronic headaches



60 min  | $70.00

90 min  | $110.00

120 min | $145.00  (optional 20 min nap afterwards) 


*Add $10.00 for a hot stone massage




As a spa-junkie myself, I’ve always felt that facials were too short and I often left feeling something was missing (like a longer scalp massage). This is why Lotus Spa facials are 90-120 minutes, as it allows time to slip away in a heated bed with many layers for added comfort, and more time for a scalp massage. 


Each facial starts with a skin analysis, followed by exfoliation, deep cleanses, extractions, facial massages, masks, customized serums, lotions, and shoulder,neck, and aromatherapy cranial massages. 


RESTORATIVE FACIALS      90 min | $125

This treatment is tailored to your specific needs, such as congested acneic skin, dehydration, dry, and hypersentive skin. Leave as a brighter and more relaxed version of yourself. 


120 min | $145.00

This powerful treatment includes all of the above with duo pineapple enzyme, which breaks down the epidermis for a smoother and brighter complexion. Suitable for all skin types.



SUGAR BODY      60 min | $70.00

An energetic sugar and honey scrub for the entire body, sparkling cleanse, followed by a relaxing lotion application 


120 min |  $165.00

This deeply hydratingon rose clay from Provence of France contains alpha-hydroxy lactic aid to accelerate cell renewal. A full body aromatic detoxifying journey that will start with a body scrub, followed by a french clay body mask, sparkling cleanse, cocoon in a firming algae body wrap while enjoying a hot stone foot massage, and ending with an relaxing aromatherapyaromatherapy relaxing lotion application. 



120 min | $175.00

Same as the French Rose Clay Body Wrap, with an intense lymphatic pressure point massage to encourage the release of toxins and accelerate cell turn over.  A highly detoxifying treatment. 

Spa Favourites

Below you'll find our most popular spa services. 

RESTORATIVE FACIAL           90 min | $125.00  

+10 min for first visit

Relax in a warm heated bed, while your face is cleansed and  gently exfoliated with Cabine Exclusive (a professional Swiss line). The facial cleanse is followed by  extractions, a lymphatic facial massage, and the application of customized facial serums. This service is finished with an organic and aromatic shoulder, neck, and cranial massage, using relaxing and calming lavender oils.

HOT STONE MASSAGE         120 min | $155.00  


+25 min nap option

Slip into a heated bed while warm heated balsam stones are placed on your body. The Hot Stone massage will start at the feet, and continue up along the legs, back and shoulders. A combination of Swedish massage and Hot Stone  therapy is used to relax and warm muscle soreness, with a customized aromatherapy blend of organic lavender oil. You will then turn over and your legs will be massaged with the heated stones, followed by your arms, shoulders and neck. Then, slip into an oasis of relaxation while your head is massaged with customized aromatherapy oils. 

FRENCH ROSE BODY WRAP    120 min | $165.00

A transformative full body and mind experience. We will start with a sugar and honey scrub  to slough dead skin cells, leaving your skin open to absorb a beautiful hydrating French Rose clay wrap, enriched with shea butter and avocado. While cocooning in this thermal wrap, you will receive a hot stone foot massage, followed by a sparkling rinse.  After the rinse, you will slip back into the heated bed and enjoy a 30 minute massage. 

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